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Micro Mosaic Bead Tapestry
Here's a mosaic medium for upholstery, purses, pillows, etc. ANYTHING can be turned into a template for these beautiful tapestries, including photographs!

We work exclusively with antique-upholsterors Julian | Marc LLC, who integrate these tapestries into elegant fine furniture and accessories.


(We can provide an unmounted tapestry if you would like to have it framed, prefer to apply it yourself, or use a different upholstery specialist. )

"Julia" Fractal
Under construction - estimated finished size about 13" x 18."
This tapestry will be super epic ... would make a GREAT bag or the sweetest, most expensive t-shirt ever made. Don't sweat in it, man.

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Julia Fractal

Bead Tapestry
La Pieta Bead Tapestry "Julia" Fractal Bead Tapestry
more coming soon!