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Design Services
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Design Services

We can build your design from any imput you give us, from an idea to specific instructions and/or artwork.

Design services include:

  • creating the mosaic design
    (send an idea, a sketch, images, clip art, photographs
    or a cocktail napkin!)
  • a color file and print of the design
  • a scale template of the design

Mosaic projects commissioned through In Bits include design services.

For customers not using In Bits Mosaics to produce the mosaic piece, design services will be billed at $50 per hour (2 hour minimum).


Turn a scribble into a design!



Digital Rendering
Turn a web image into a  

Digital rendering allows you to see your finshed product BEFORE work starts and the materials are purchased. We start with your completed design template and build your mosaic using the exact glass, stone or marble tiles you specify - all in digital format!

Digital rendering includes:

  • creating a template from the existing design
  • obtaining photographic images of all mosaic tiles
  • building the mosaic using the template
  • a color graphic of mosaic rendering in digital and print format

Digital rendering services will be billed at $50 per hour (2 hour minimum).

Please note - digital rendering files will not be to scale - they are intended for previewing purposes only. A design template can be created to scale using approximate color of tile.


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