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First and foremost that is ... we MAKE mosaics. We make mosaics in glass, marble and stone. All of of our mosaic work is created to your specifications. We can create a mosaic for you based on an idea, a piece of artwork, an obsession with a particular color, or merely a scribble on a napkin. We can recreate a mosaic from ancient Pompeii, or duplicate one from our own gallery.

Medallions, panels, backsplashes, floors, window wells, fireplaces, stair risers, gigantic outdoor topiary urns - you name it - we'll make it beautiful.

We design mosaics

Perhaps you have a general idea of what you want already and already have someone to install it or want to do it yourself. We can design the mosaic for you and provide a color viewing file and scale template for the job.
Note: This service is more appropriate for geometric design patterns than conceptual art!

We digital render designs to mosaics

You have your design. You are ready to spend an exorbitant amount of money on installation and tile. You flinch, hoping everything turns out like it exists in your head ...

... we can obtain images of the exact tile that you are going to use and digitally render the design into a mosaic. You can then actually view the job BEFORE it goes in. Here are some examples of digital rendering, a floor medallion in stone, a door framed in glass.

About the artist, Katherine Green

Admittedly, my roots in the art of mosaic are humble and started with a frenzied, last minute, low budget attempt to provide Christmas presents to the family in the form of cracked ceramic tile flower pots. This worked out pretty well and I was intrigued. I fell in love with and delved into glass mosaic after that, producing table tops and backsplashes, as well as full wall coverage in hand-cut glass.

Later, on one of my glass forays in a tile store I came face-to-face with a beautiful wet saw. I admit that my initial inspiration for natural stone and marble was not from the Sistine Chapel, Mosques, the Greeks or Ravenna, but from a gleaming yellow Dewalt wet saw, complete with a work table, bevel cutters and a 1 year warranty. I began experimenting immediately, and covered my fireplace in marble and stone mosaic, with Egyptian and Roman influences.

I have since tried to integrate both my beloved glass and natural stone in my work, which is entirely custom. I try to involve the client in the design process as much as possible, including rendering designs from artwork provided BY the client.


Kathy Green
Katherine Green

I have also expanded my knowledge of the mosaic arts and have gained much appreciation for the beautiful mosaics in the Sistine Chapel, Mosques, and Ravenna and hope these influences help me to improve my work as an artist. However, I also now have my eye on a magnificent heavy duty commercial two-barrel rotary tumbler.



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